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Furigana Extension

「Furigana Extension」是能够给日文汉字标注假名(读音)的工具



  1. 打开一个日文的网页
  2. 点击一下扩展图标即可给网页内的日语汉字加上假名



  1. 准确率较高,就算出错了可以自己自定义改过来,对于日语初学者来说是完全够用的
  2. 扩展安装包有点大(≈15m)
  3. 假名显示位置默认是在汉字上面,这可能会导致网页的文字排版出现小问题(如下图的按钮部分),这可以在设置里改为显示在右边或以tooltip来显示


Furigana Extension helps you adding furigana(phonetic characters) to kanji.


Set the notation type of the furigana. (hiragana, katakana, or romaji)
Set the display position of the furigana. (above, to the right, or tooltip)
Adjust the size and change the color of the furigana.
Choose if you would like the furigana to be displayed for every word or only the first appearance of the word.
Choose the level of kanji you would like to add furigana to the texts. (JLPT N5-N1, elementary school grades 1-6)
Create a list of words those do not need furigana.
Change the furigana for a specific word. (select the sentence, right-click then choose 'change setting of furigana')
Create new furigana for unlisted words.
Use a text-to-voice function (select the sentence, right-click then choose 'Speak in Japanese')

「Furigana Extension」は漢字にふりがなを付けることが出来るツールです。




Furigana Extension - Chrome 网上应用店

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  1. Hwei

    非常好用 好介紹 謝謝!